ESP32-idf screen oriented ili9341



I have read various discussions about it, and I apologize, but I did not understand anything. I use an esp32 with esp-idf. The library works correctly. Now I would need to use the screen oriented 90 ° ie vertically.
I exchanged the definitions:
#define LV_HOR_RES_MAX (240)
#define LV_VER_RES_MAX (320)
driver->rotated = 1;

But nothing happens, continue to write me the text of a label horizontally. I need to hold the display vertically and write the labels in this orientation.
How can I do?
Thank you very much

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can anyone help me?

It doesn’t look like rotation support is implemented in that driver yet.

You are unlikely to receive further help until you fill out the template. And @jeremyjh is correct, you would have to add rotation support to the driver.