ESP32-8048S070 LVGL interface software

I have bought a ESP32-8048S070 display. It includes an ESP32-S3 processor that interfaces to the display without any display driver chip i.e. the ESP32-S3 also does the job of a display driver chip and controls the RGB lines, hsync and vsync lines and manages the display storage that is within the ESP32-S3.
I have looked for software that uses LVGL on the ESP-32-8048S070 display. There are examples on the internet, but all I have found use the Arduino IDE. I would like to stay with the Espressif IDE, hence I am looking for software written in C, preferably, to interface the LVGL to the display.
Please, inform me in case you are aware of such software.
Thanks in advance

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I googled this for you and found:

Is that what you are after?

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Dear elgerg,
Thanks a lot. It is what I have been looking for.


This is bit old, but I’m working on same display and I got picture, but I have problem that picture is shifted to right a little bit. And when I initialize wifi, during initialization it moves even more right.

I had similar problems with smaller ESP32S3-4827S043 display and there it was fixed by setting pixel clock to what display recommended (9MHz when I had 12MHz originally.)

With this bigger display that doesn’t help. I’ve tested several pixel clocks, but picture always shifts and screen just flickers more or less. The screen still works fine, but picture is shifted to right and it wraps to left. This might be more of a ESP32 specific question, but has anyone else had similar problem and how they sorted them out? Or is there way to reset the screen position?

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Hi ttk, you can solve this problem ? I have the same problem in ESP32-8048s070C