ESP32-8048S070 LVGL interface software

I have bought a ESP32-8048S070 display. It includes an ESP32-S3 processor that interfaces to the display without any display driver chip i.e. the ESP32-S3 also does the job of a display driver chip and controls the RGB lines, hsync and vsync lines and manages the display storage that is within the ESP32-S3.
I have looked for software that uses LVGL on the ESP-32-8048S070 display. There are examples on the internet, but all I have found use the Arduino IDE. I would like to stay with the Espressif IDE, hence I am looking for software written in C, preferably, to interface the LVGL to the display.
Please, inform me in case you are aware of such software.
Thanks in advance


I googled this for you and found:

Is that what you are after?

Dear elgerg,
Thanks a lot. It is what I have been looking for.