ESP32-2424S012, TFT_eSPI and SquareLine Studio

Hi All,
I’m new to LVGL and SquareLine Studio,
Trying to use SquareLine Studio to be loaded on ESP32-2424S012,

I created the simplest screen with some Label for testing,
Exported the Template and then the UI,
Went to Arduino IDE and tried to compile the project but I’m facing an interface problem,
Can someone assist with settings needed to these files in order to match them to my HW?
Maybe provide a gitHub code example I can use for this HW?
Are there any additional changes needed?

Thanks in advance,

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Looks like you’re one month ahead of me. I have this same problem - I can’t find any working code as the links provided by the vendor return a 404. The thing shipped with a demo working but zero documentation. I’ll keep digging if you will. BTW, did you happen upon this yet ==>

Let’s stay in touch!

The definitions on you link are for PlatformIO, not Arduino as the initial poster asked. I strongly recommend to start using PlatformIO instead of the Arduino IDE. One major advantage when dealing with complex to setup libraries such as LVGL and TFT_espi is that just like in the link you provided, one can pass all those parameters (lv_conf.h, pin declarations, driver used etc) straight to the Platformio.ini file and thus avoid much of the hassle. On top of that, if you use git to manage your projects, passing the arguments straight to the compiler, means you don’t have to setup those setup files every time you sync your repo (libraries and thus their setup files are excluded from syncing with a git repo by default in order to save space and time).