Errors building lv_micropython with esp_idf v4.4 for esp32s3 and GENERIC_S3_SPIRAM_OCT

I am trying to make a build for board GENERIC_S3_SPIRAM_OCT. I have followed every tutorial I can find but I can’t get it to build. I get the error.

  1. spidf.h:85:18: error: implicit declaration of function ‘I2S_TIMING_REG’; did you mean ‘I2S_RX_TIMING_REG’? [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]

  2. REG_SET_BIT( I2S_TIMING_REG(i2s_num), BIT(9));

Is this setup fully supported?
Is there a place I can just download a prebuilt bin of lv_micropython like you can with micropython?


The latest branch cannot pass through GENERIC_ S3_ SPIRAM_ OCT compiles esp32s3, at least I haven’t succeeded. Let’s wait for the experts to fix it

The ESP32-S3 is not yet supported. It is a work in progress. There were changes made to the latest release of MicroPython that really threw us a curve ball.

Thanks for the responses. Guess I will put that on the shelf. Hope it gets fixed soon.