error: 'LV_STYLE_4' undeclared (first use in this function)

Hello, I met a problem that I could not solve, he reported this error, I did not touch the bottom things, and I changed the code back to the successfully compiled before, and clean build will still have this error

In file included from lib/lvgl/src/lv_core/lv_obj.h:1216:0,
                 from lib/lvgl/lvgl.h:33,
                 from src/lv_cubic_gui.h:12,
                 from src/lv_cubic_gui.c:4:
lib/lvgl/src/lv_core/lv_obj_style_dec.h: In function 'lv_obj_get_style_size':
lib/lvgl/src/lv_core/lv_obj_style_dec.h:64:71: error: 'LV_STYLE_4' undeclared (first use in this function)
         return (value_type) _lv_obj_get_style##style_type (obj, part, LV_STYLE_##prop_name);        \