Error in fontconverter


I got an error trying to convert a font.
“Error: error in FT_New_Memory_Face: 2”

The font can download here

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

Web page

Screenshot and/or video


According to FreeType, error code 2 appears to mean an unknown format. The font appears to be a valid WOFF though.

Never trust to programmers, who say their font is valid :slight_smile:

npx lv_font_conv --size 64 --bpp 4 --font robotronfontpica.woff -r 0x20-0x1FFFF --format dump -o tmp

=> fail

npx svg2ttf robotronfontpica.svg robotronfontpica.ttf
npx lv_font_conv --size 64 --bpp 4 --font robotronfontpica.ttf -r 0x20-0x1FFFF --format dump -o tmp

=> OK.

When FreeType crashes - that’s 99.9% font error.

  1. Try to re-save as ttf via FonForge.
  2. If SVG available - try svg2ttf.


Thank you! Now it works with svg!

Interesting. I guess web browsers are more tolerant of broken fonts.

Will keep that in mind for next time.