Error about `lv_roller`!

Today, I updated the version of lvgl from 7.0.2 to 7.1.0,But there was an error when creating the lv_roller,what’s wrong?


It works well here with the latest version. Could you updated it again?

Ok,I just cloned the master, and it works well.

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There is a similar error in Ubuntu(64bit),gcc version v9.3.0; lvgl version is master; But v7.0.2 works well; I don’t konw why.
This error is seems only in lv_roller_create.

Which version do you use now?

The version is master;In fact, I’ve tried versions higher than v7.0.2 that have this problem, so I have to use v7.0.2 temporarily.

It works well for me. :frowning:
Do you simply call lv_ex_roller_1() and that all?
Exactly where is crashes?

Well, I deleted the old project and recreated and reconfigured it. Now it works well, it’s really a strange problem :pensive:.Thanks!