Enhance simulator to include on-screen input devices next to the SDL display

I would like to develop a project with TFT display and a 3 rotary encoders. I can run LVGL/Micropython on Linux, using the SDL display driver. I would find it very helpful to show also the input devices next to the display.

It would be useful to show those input devices as additional LVGL widgets (e.g. clickable dials for rotary encoders, buttons for HW buttons, LED widget for digital output and switch for digital input pins), they would be controlled by mouse when running in SDL (triggering the same signals as the hardware device on the uc). The simulated TFT display would be just a portion of the whole SDL screen. The layout of the “device” (display plus controls) could be done in LVGL as well.

The beauty would be that the entire development could be done on the desktop, including the input devices, without massive special-casing for the desktop (enlarging screen artificially, putting input widgets there etc).


Awesome idea! As LVGL support multi-display operation, we can even open a new with SDL for the controllers.

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Two displays sound awesome, controls separate. With some minimal working example, it could make lvgl development jumpstarted (for newbies like me), and the result could be easily transferred to real hardware.