Edgleline V0.4 request


Can I request when you release V0.4 that you make the exporter have an option for exporting to version 7.x or 8.x lgvl syntax please. I and I suspect others dont really want the hassle of having to convert to version 8.0 just to get Edgeline compatibility. Thanks


the final version of EdgeLine will export for v8 only. I assume people will use EdgeLine for new projects where they can use LVGL v8 too. So IMO supporting v7 is not really required.

the greatest respect for your work and your perseverance !!!
when (+ -months) do you assume 0.4 with lvgl> 8 regarding the legal stuff done?

Probably there will be no more beta version. At worst case with v1.0 we are targeting the end of this year, but probably it will be out in October.

It’s gonna be a big bomb that we are looking forward to.

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So the 0.4 version won’t come out anymore?

Let’s have the first release.