EdgeLine Symbols

How to place symbols in designer

Also… will projects created in EdgeLine(v0.3.1)
be able to be imported in EdgeLine(v1.0.0) and saved as LVGL v8.1 code?

In the middle of a large project… v1 releasing soon ???

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I was facing same issue, but I did not find way how to add symbols in EdgeLine. I placed empty Label where I wanted symbol to be and after that I changed call for this label with call for right symbol in exported C file. Not much help, but it might help :wink: .

That’s exactly what I ended up doing also.

I had nothing but a bunch of labels.
The cleanup of dead code and conversion to version 8
took more time than the layout.

It’s not supported in the beta but will work in v1.0. The syntax ​will be:

Apply `OK`



We don’t consider it with a high priority as beta was only for evaluating and testing and it used LVGL v7. while v1.0 will use LVGL v8. So there will be some incompatibilities.

We were planning v1.0 for December but because of the Christmas time, it will shift to January. :frowning: