Edgeline Production release date?


You guys done excellent job.

i am using Edgeline beta version. Its a nice tool to design screens and export code in C and Python.

When will Edgeline Production application release with all screen sizes and all widgets ?

and what is the price for Production application to use all functionalities and widgets?

Thank You.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

The screen size limitation will be removed in the next minor release but widgets will be added gradually.

The pricing plan will look like this:

  • free: some limitations in the number of screens and widgets and screens
  • standard: same as free but no limitations for a few dollars per month
  • professional: extra features for a higher price

There are some variables that affect the final release date so I can’t say an exact date now.

What about a licensing scheme based on project purpose?

For instance:
• Open-source: Free with no limitations for open source projects (like Travis-CI)
• Freelancer/Startups: For solo developers or small teams for free with limitations or with no limitations for a few dollars.
• Enteprise: Targeted to powerful industries like infotainment system design, wearables and such, more features for a more aggresive pricing. (You expect the enteprise to pay for a per-developer license)

Something like Qt, altough Qt is dual-licensed as (L)GPL or Commercial: