EdgeLine khm... SquareLine is here!

I’m happy to let you know that LVGL’s official UI editor, SquareLine Studio is released. :tada::tada::tada:
(We needed to change the name of the beta due to some possible copyright issues turned out.)

SquareLine Studio has its own

We will add tutorial videos soon, so don’t forget to subscribe to be sure you not miss them.

Similarly to the beta SquareLine Studio is also available for Windows and Linux (Mac OS is coming soon). You can get it from the Downloads page.

You can try out all the features of SquareLine in a 30 days trial. After that you can select from two types of licenses:

  • Personal
  • Business

See more details on a Licenses page.

I’ll close the EdgeLine category of LVGL’s Forum, so if you have any questions head to SquareLine’s Forum! It’s still totally empty. Let’s fill it! Who will be the first? :wink:

As a final note I’d like clarify LVGL’s relation to SquareLine Studio. SquareLine Studio is developed by
a company called Game-Ever. So legally its not related to LVGL. However, LVGL LLC and Game-Ever are sitting in the same office and doing their work in very tight cooperation.

LVGL LLC’s role (and thus my personal role too) in SquareLine is:

  • LVGL promotes SquareLine Studio as its official UI editor
  • Provide support for the LVGL related parts of SquareLine Studio
  • Discuss/implement the features missing from LVGL but required for SquareLine Studio

That’s it! See you in SquareLine’s Forum! :slight_smile:



But no Mac support? :frowning:

Shame no Mac support.

We are on it. I hope Mac will be supported in v1.1

Hi @kisvegabor

I have a question because squareLine is not an open source project and LVGL I understand it is, so will LVGL change its license terms?

Best regards

Definitely no! You can think of SquareLine as project which simply uses the MIT licensed LVGL.


We are talking about changes in the licensing model here:

Feel free to tell your opinion!

@kisvegabor Hi Kis,

SquareLine Studio is very impressive. Thank you for your efforts.

Im on a mac, and I have virtualized linux to use Squareline but my architecture is ARM64. Can SquareLine be compiled to support an ARM64 image?

Also, I have experienced bugs on other machines that can run squareline, where the screen’s created inside Squareline become no longer responsive when attempting to edit an obj in “Play” mode. Maybe a quick fix could be to exit play mode when a user attempts to edit anything while in play mode?


Now only Windows and Linux is supported and Mac support is coming soon.

It should be possible to edit widgets in play mode. How can we reproduce the issue?

Yes but it seems squareline only supports amd64 on Linux.
I am on arm64. I will try this emulation tool: arm64 - Is there any translation layer for x86 software on Ubuntu ARM? - Ask Ubuntu

Regarding the bug I previously mentioned I will post reproducing instructions on the Square line forum

Only 5 screen with the free maker license? Not a good fit for my public domain project.

Even if I will pay for a more capable license, the project will less accessible to the community because of the need to buy a license to do development so defeats the purpose of being in public domain.

I agree that it’d be great to support the maker community with less limited licences, however we see some difficulties:

  • If the free version had less limitation (i.e. 10 screen, 100 widget) people could easily misuse SLS for complex commercial projects too.
  • We could provide a different licence for selected open source projects but we couldn’t imagine a good way to detect if a project being opened is really a selected project or not. E.g. we can check some widgets if they are really there an on a specified place like a fingerprint for the project. We are really open to support good projects, so ideas are welcome. :slight_smile:

Cool teaser!
In the video there is this kind of development board shown… do you plan on making own hardware to demonstrate Squareline Studio capabilities? I would be interested in the display on that board. Is that already on the market or is that just a render for the teaser? Thank you for reply!

On the longer run, yes we are considering having LVGL/SquareLine boards but we need to grow a little bit larger to get started with it :slightly_smiling_face:

The board in the video is just a 3D model, not a real display :slight_smile:


I am wondering if you can think about an Educational, Student or Only Hobbyist license plan with one-time fee and without limitations in number of widgets and screen. Of course for not professional developers at all.

I think there is a big gap between the Personal and the two Business plans. 49$ or 99$ should be a good compromise for students, schools and hobbyist people like ham radio persons like me.

Best regards
Enzo Stefanazzi

Please post SquareLine related questions in https://forum.squareline.io/