Edgeline feature request

I downloaded EL 0.1 and 0.2 betas and test them for few hours. These are the features that I missed:

  • Aligment: When I add a widget, sometimes I dont want to specify position, I simply want to put inside container and let align rules place for me, so have the option to set lv.LAYOUT.X value in the inspector when a container is selected.
  • Alignment(2): When I place multiple widgets, I want the option to select them and align to the same X/Y position(left, center or right). This option is common in UI builders.
  • Aligment(3): When I place a widget, I want autoclip when I place button near side of other widget.
    -Style: I want to edit styles of all elements selected, or copy styles from one widget to another. Now I can copy a button and also copies his style, but if I need a new (different) widget, I need to set all fields, so maybe a “style manager tool”
  • Spinner Stop them until you press the play button
  • Resize: Retain x/y top left corners positions when a widget is resized
  • Select multiple elements in the Hirearcy menu and edit all of the together in the Inspector menu.
  • Detect widget structure from source code, I mean: Open some screen.py file, detect current screen elements with its styles/anymations/events… and continue the project from this point.
  • Bigger sliders to navigate. When I zoom to an small part of the screen and I want to move to see different area, I have very thin H/V sliders that are a little bit difficult to click on. Make them wider.
  • Fit attributes in the inspector so I can fit panels/containers with tight/parent values…
  • More widgets like containers, text area, windows…

(Hope ppl can understand my 100 words english level)


Thank you for the detailed feedback!

We will migrate the LVGL in EdgeLine to v8 and will add the layouts of v8.
See here https://github.com/lvgl/lvgl/tree/master/examples/layouts

I agree that it’d be useful. We will add multi-selection in an upcoming version.

Sorry, I don’t understand it. Could you explain it in another way? Or send a screenshot to demonstrate the idea?

A style editor will be part of EdgeLine allowing not only local styles but global styles (lv_style_t) to apply to the widgets.

Copying the styles is a good idea.

We are thinking about it.

The aligned side/corner/point of the widget is kept in place when it is resized. E.g. when align = center the center point of the widget won’t move.

Although it might change in the future to make it more intuitive.

Can you mention a real life use case when it’d be useful?

Now you can use space bar + left click to pan the view (same concept as in Adobe softwares), but we will make it scrollbars wider.

Absolutely yes :slight_smile:

I think what @jgpeiro is asking for is widgets snapping to the axes of other widgets. For example, in Canva (a free online image editor), if you drag an image near another one, it will try to align itself with one of the edges of the other image. It makes lining up objects very easy instead of having to enter coordinates by hand.

I could be wrong, of course.

Yes, as @embeddedt suggest, I meant this aligmnet (or snapping) feature that looks like:
widget placement helper

Maybe I can create an screen with few widgets with some desired features with small program/script and then continue editing the screen with EdgeLine.

Oh, I see. It’s a really important feature and it’s definitely on the roadmap.