Edgeline can not signup

when i signup on page https://lvgl.io/edgeline/signup

return QQ截图20210311102506

It can be solved by changing another email.


Can you share here or in a private message what was the email address you have used for the first time?

Seemingly we need to adjust or spam filters.

i use @outlook.com

Thanks, investigating…

Hi, I have tested and found that clicking signup does ont respond, my email format: xxx@qq.com.

I try 163/qq/gmail ,but can not signup.

Do you see any error messages?

For me signup works, however I’ve never received confirmation email. Despite that I haven’t got any problem when login in the app.

error is spam
however use VPN is success。

i have try qq,139,gmail,all of them is faild.some time the page does not respond when the register button is pressed, and sometimes spam errors are reported

We have lowered the reCaptcha limit to 0.25 from 0.5.

What browser do you use?

use google chorme,now every kind email is respone spam

If you see an error message please send a screenshot.

The contact form uses google reCaptcha as well. Can your send a mail with it?

{“error”:1,“data”:“The g-recaptcha-response field is required.”}

thank godness, after trying multiple VPNs, I finally signed up

That’s very strange. Is JS running on your browser?

I also encountered the same error tips. I tried to register multiple times. I caught it, and then click the Submit button again and not submit any data. Perhaps you really need to turn on VPN.And when I click send message below it will jump to the error page.

Please send a screenshot of the error page.
Can you share from which country do you try to register? (a private message is fine too)