ECG-Watch project

We are design and have implemented a ECG-PPG watch, which make use of bluetooth low power SOC of nrf52840.
The firmware is base of LVGL, FREERTOS and nrf52840 SDK and softdevice.
The watch can communicated with phone through bluetooth. The phone send command to the watch to start or stop measuring the ECG and PPG, The watch measure ECG and PPG and send the sample data back to the phone. The data is analyzied and render in the screen of phone, at the same time, More action can be take such as send the date to cloud as well by the phone interm of the phone’s APP implement. The watch’s 240x240x16bit TFT LCD render the progress of measuring.
In normal situation, the watch display analog or digital watch and show the date and time in it’s TFT LCD. When power is low or battery is charged, the TFT LCD indicates the battery’s status.

The Following image is the product and the GUI of it.

The ECG watch and the phone.

Measure my ECG and PPG. :slight_smile:

The watch.
A lot of Thanks to LVGL and the author of it!


It is really nice! I am Very surprised, that you can make own program into watch. Please, have you got any link to the watch and how to change the program into it?

Or is it yours HW design of the watch?

Thank you Very much.

The entire hardware and firmware and app is my company’s product. So it isn’t problem to update firmware or flash it to the watch. BTW, nrf52840 can update firmware through BLUETOOTH as well.

Awesome! I was almost sure that LittlevGL can work in nrf52840 but it’s really good to see it in the practice. :star_struck:

I’d love to see a video about it! :slight_smile:

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OK! Some time later.

Hi, is the filtering of the ECG signals done at the firmware level of nrf52840 or at the phone app level?