Drop Down list... width and list line_space v8.0

I would like the dropdown to be the same width as the label.
I am fine with long text being cut off.

Using EdgeLine…
I am able to set line spacing
netlist.set_style_local_text_line_space(lv.dropdown.PART.LIST, lv.STATE.DEFAULT, 0)
but if I add this line to my project, I get error…
AttributeError: ‘dropdown’ object has no attribute ‘set_style_local_text_line_space’

What version of lvgl is EdgeLine using?

Also would like to set a smaller font for list.
examples would be great !!

To set text_line_space and list width, I created two call backs.
1st for styling list
2nd for selecting item

def list_cb(event):
	ssid_list = event.get_target()
	list = ssid_list.get_list()
	list.add_style(dd_list, 0)

def ssid_cb(event):
	global net_list
	ssid_list = event.get_target()
	option = " " * 33
	ssid_list.get_selected_str(option, len(option))
	ssid = option.strip().rstrip('\0')

dd_list = lv.style_t()

netlist = lv.dropdown(boot)
netlist.set_pos(5, 40)
netlist.add_event_cb(list_cb, lv.EVENT.CLICKED, None)
netlist.add_event_cb(ssid_cb, lv.EVENT.VALUE_CHANGED, None)

all good

The beta versions of EdgeLine that have been published thus far use v7. The official release will use v8.

Hi embeddedt
v8.0 not v8.1 ?
release about when ?

Probably v8.1, it’s backwards-compatible. There’s no need to use v8.0 unless you’re working with an existing project and don’t want unexpected changes.

I don’t know much more about the details of EdgeLine than what is on the forum, but I believe the release is targeted for the end of this year now.