Driver tests only

Hi to everybody.

I’m just a beginner in graphics, and I’m trying to write the driver for iLI9341 connected to an STM32F2, SPI only.
I would like to do it step by step, but how can I know that the initial sequence is correct?
Filling the screen with a color (then turn it on a second color), write something on the screen or draw a square/line seems a good idea, but too many things to know, and so far I’m not able to do that (jet).
Using this library seems very nice. Is it possible start graphics without input touchscreen, and also in the future - on the final job, using the graphics on display only?
There is a “simple command” simple test to know that all is OK?
Thanks for your comprension.


Take a look at this part of the documentation. It also shows some simple examples of drivers.

Basically all you need is to copy pixels to a given window on the screen. It’s the same as filling an area with color but you send pixels from an array instead of constant value.

You can get some inspiration from ILI9341 driver in the ESP32 repository.