DoomPlayer for STMH7B3I-DK and 32F769DISCO boards

DoomPlayer is DOOM music, sound and game player running on STM32H7B3I-DK and 32F769DISCO boards.

It’s music player feature is based on LVGL music player demo, but it actually reads and decodes FLAC music files from SD card and generates spectrum analyzer effect on the fly.

DualSense and DUALSHOCK4 controllers are supported for LVGL GUI control and game play. Both USB and Bluetooth connections are supported.

Please refer following videos and github Wiki descriptions for more details.


Nice Project!

OMG! Very nice! It brigs back a lot of memories. Actually I feel I have many memories about playing Doom. :smiley:

I’m sure everyone who’s ported the music player demo wished it were functional. And you made it so with a side-helping of DOOM. Awesome!