Does lvgl UI editor EdgeLine generate C code?

I want to use lvgl in my project, and I want to use it on an ST microcontroller. I wonder if this UI generates C code. And I don’t know how to add new widgets and assets to the UI. Last question, can I change color depth to 16 bits? I cannot change it from 32 bits.
Thanks in advance

Yes, c code can be generated. Although the software cannot change the 16-bit, it has no effect.

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Thank you so much.
What if I set color depth on 16-bit in cubemx and Edgeline color depth setting maintains on 32-bit? Is there any serious problem? And how should I add the C code generated to my project? I’m using Keil IDE. Should I create a group and add that C code and header file to it?

You can use the generated file as if you have written them manually.
You still need lvgl and lv_conf.h with your preferred settings.

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