Does lvgl support RA8875

Hi i am completely new to lvgl and i want to make a question. I hope this is the proper section in forum.

Can i use lvgl to create program for esp32 and RA8875 controller for 7’’ display with capacitive and resistive touch?

This is the link of the datasheet of the display

LVGL can be used with RA8875 but RA8875’s 2D features can’t be used effectively.

Is there any tutorial or guide that i could use? also about what features are you talking about

Is somewhere a clear list of the displays supported i am asking cause i was checking in the display folder of drivers and i saw the next list. RA8875 but i was interested to know what other are so i can try to buy something

I see after more search and reading there are esp32_drivers which have several more displays than what the simulator has.

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In lv_driver mainly the PC related drivers are maintained. In v9 we are planning to have a unified driver system right in LVGL.

Anyway, happy that you have found a solution :slight_smile: