Does lvgl support displaying Hindi

The other gui solutions on mcu in the market do not support Hindi very well, such as touchgfx, emwin, etc., because harfbuzz does not perform well on microcontrollers. What is the support of lvgl for this please

Hi @xlbao123 ,

As far as I know, it should be possible to support Hindi as LVGL supports fonts and you can create your own font c code for your application based on existing Hindi font files(You probably should make sure the licensing is correct for the fonts in your application also!) using the LVGL font converter here.

Once you have your own Hindi fonts added to your project you can then build your GUI using them.

Hope that helps…

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About a year ago I used Hindi language in a project. It worked out of the box and it was checked by a native speaker. Only a Hindi font was required as @pete-pjb described.