Documentation - My todo

I am going to take these on, if we all agree that they are worth while

  1. Layouts and Fits. I just struggled a bit with this. The docs didnt flow in my head. So I want to update the documentation on them, and point to a longer doc with some examples of how layouts work with each other (Nested objects). This is an EXTREMELY powerful and useful feature, but like I said I struggled here.
  2. Can we also plan to have doxygen docs included. It would be awesome to have the image maps where you can click through and see how everything works together. I can create a template and example and we can discuss.

Doxygen is already included at the bottom of each object type. What exactly do you mean here? Are you referring to the tree graph?

Yes sir :slight_smile:

Any updates to the documentation are welcome! Just send a pull request to

That would be great.

Yep, Ill do so. I just wanted to put it out there, and now I have a reminded to do it :slight_smile:

I definitely agree! :slight_smile:
Even new examples can be added here. They are automatically included in the docs.

As @embeddedt mentioned Doxygen is already set up and partially included into the docs. However, a full Doxygen “site” might be also useful. So it’s also ok from my side.