Documentation missing for versions < 7

I needed to look up LVGL v6.0 docs today and I found out the option is not available anymore in the upper left menu.

Has it been definitely deprecated? I still work on some legacy projects from time to time, while I can always read documents offline it’s useful to look it up from anywhere on a browser.

I see no problem with adding the latest English v6 docs as smapshot.

@embeddedt do you agree?

The old docs are available here:

However, if you think it’s better to keep them available even though 6.x is no longer supported, I can add them easily.

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I am in favour of keeping the old versions documentation, clearly stating it’s for historical reason only.

Because the day v7 will be deprecated as well, it should be annoying for me to migrate old applies to the newest version when I would like to do minor changes only because I can’t find the documentation.



Yes, I think it’d be great to make them available.

I’ve added them. They are visible at


Appreciated, thanks!