Documentation dark mode odd colors


Not so much a feature request but I have an issue with the dark mode for the documentation. The colors are strange. Selection field is white, logo is barely visible. See screenshot:

The background for the examples being white is logical, it’s the default theme after all.
Perhaps it would have been better to report this on Github but I do not have a Github account and did not feel like making one for reporting such a small issue.

Thank you for reporting. We have just released or new website:

We will update the docs, forum and blog too. We will take care of it when we get there.

Now we have some other things to do, but I hope this summer we will have the new docs. :slight_smile:


Thanks for letting me know.
By the way, I really like the look of the new website- did lose a bit of the red and black identity it had but it sure looks fancy. I don’t suppose you made it using LVGL?

Happy that you like it the new website! :blush:

It was created with Next.JS :slight_smile:

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