Display glitching on lv_task_handler() call issue

What could be the reasons for this behavior when updating the buffer with lv_task_handler() ?
there are distortion during update interval , and label is moving every update cross the screen

When i have flashed this project GitHub - pixelwave/Sunton-ESP32-8048S043: First test with Sunton ESP32-8048S043 + Squareline UI + LVGL + Arduino GFX , everything is ok, but its use Arduino_ESP32RGBPanel and Arduino_RPi_DPI_RGBPanel , i build my project on lv_disp_draw_buf & lv_disp_drv with same bus settings but have got problems

board ESP32S3 with PSRAM
lvgl 8.3.11
esp-idf 6.1.11