Display Driver Example for ESP32-S3 and ST7796. Will there be one?

Thank you for the addition of display drivers to LVGL 9. I have noticed that you are working on the documentation every day these days. You have included a step-by-step guide for a STM32Cube and ST7789. It is very good.
Please, consider including a similar step-by-step guide for an ESP32-S3 with an SPI 4-wire ST7796. Please also make available the complete project as an example.
Are you planning any examples with the ESP32-S3 in which you use one of the the built-in display drivers?
Regards and thanks for the excellent work,

Take a look at the post I just submitted. One day I will learn how to get my code onto github.

I would love to see ESP-32 native display driver support. It looks like this should be easy, but sadly I do not have the time to figure it all out. If anyone has done it please point me to the code.

Here is a sample which I just completed.