Disable Click of an Object in Background

Hi there, I created a table from which I can select the fields and open up a messagebox such that I can modify the parameter of a given field. In the figure below you can see how the table looks like.

If I click on the first row the following message box opens up:

Now, as long as I am clicking on the buttons, the text fields or the keyboard everything works as expected. The only issue is that if I click outside any of the former, like in the white area around text field or around the buttons it seems like I am pressing some fields of the table that is below. Note that the message box is a child of lv_scr_act(). I have been trying to solve this issue by using lv_obj_set_click(tav,false) on the table below, but that block my cursor automatically. Any idea how could I solve this issue ?

Thanks in advance.

Using lv_obj_set_click(msgbox, true) on the message box should prevent the clicks from going through it.

This did not help, it is still crashing and pressing the element on the table below the msg_box. I tried to set it to false rather than true and that seemed to help a bit but now what happens now is that the keyboard get closed and I cannot press the save and close button anymore. Furthermore, I am sure that I am still pressing on the table that is below the message box. This should be the reason of why it is closing the keyboard and removing the possibility to click save and close buttons. Is there a way to disable any sort of click beyond text field, buttons and keyboard ?


I solved the issue by setting the click to false in the table below the message box, then in case save or close button I then turn the click back to true.

Thanks anyway.