Digital power supply UI based on ESP32 development board with 3.5' LCD and touch

The project is based on the low cost ESP32 development board.

The board WT32-SC01 with 3.5 inch 320x480 capacitive multi-touch LCD Screen and built-in Wifi.

Open Source project:

UI created using SquareLine Studio. The VSCode project can be compiled for two boards:

  • WT32-SC01 with ESP32 and SPI LCD
  • WT32-SC01 PLUS with ESP32-S3 and parallel LCD

Very nice. That came out awesome. Those WT32-SC01 displays are pretty nice. I wish they use 2.54MM headers instead of the 2.0mm headers, not too big a deal. I like them because they break out all of the pins and they didn’t add a bunch of crap like microphones and audio outputs that consume the pins on ya.

If you want to get more speed from either of those displays I can help ya out in that department. Especially the WT32-SC01-Plus display.

Kevin, thanks for your review and offer. Do you think the display is not fast enough?

It looks good the way it is. Hard to really tell from the video. I don’t think you will be changing things fast enough to really worry about it that much. But hey, speed is speed and if it can go faster then why the hell not… LOL