Different result on same function between simulator and espPort


After completing in simulator the program i started to transfer it to esp32 and a ili9488 screen.

The folder used in simulator for the complete program is copied on the esp32 project.
In one . c file image declare function is used. Then a set background is called. In any case this function is the same but in display we get empty screen and in simulator it works properly.

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?


What LVGL version are you using?



void str_set_mv_background_img(){

	lv_obj_t* bg = lv_img_create(main_page);
	lv_img_set_src(bg, &str_background);

In the CmakeList:

    SRCS "main.c"
    	"../components/str/str_ui.c"      # list the source files of this component
    	"../components/str/global_vars.c"      # list the source files of this component
    	"../components/str/str_mv.c"      # list the source files of this component
    	"../components/str/images/str_background.c"      # list the source files of this component
   INCLUDE_DIRS        # optional, add here public include directories
    PRIV_INCLUDE_DIRS   # optional, add here private include directories
    REQUIRES            # optional, list the public requirements (component names)
    PRIV_REQUIRES       # optional, list the private requirements

## Screenshot and/or video

The simulator

The esp32:


can you try drawing something else, like a simple text label?

It honestly looks like (almost) nothing is being drawn at all on the esp32.

first thing was to place hello world in the same function but it still does not draw but if you see on the top left corner there is the mouse icon.

In the opposite direction When i place in the main the hello world label i got it.

Also after this background function i am creating a grid layout and starting placing object inside there. The buttons appear but the custom fonts (open sans) do not appear, another images inside the grid layout is also visible and all the inputs do not appear.

So background , custom fonts in buttons and inputs fail.
Buttons are visible,
Also i have a chart that it is too slow to visualise ( this chart has just 10 items static now to show) and makes 3FPS and 75%cpu when i disable it the performance is ok.

It does not look ok in general.

My problem is that it is copy paste of the folder that works in simulator. And the only thing that i did in simulator was to include the main header to call one function. It was done like this on purpose to be able to transfer it easily in the same way just in order to update CMakeList
it should not be so hard sine in the simulator everything works.