Detailed information about exported files

I exported C files using edgline 0.3 but where to copy those .c and .h files and how can I test it in simulator like Code::blocks.

Learning LVGL is becoming stressful due to lack of learning resources


You can simple copy it next to your main.c file.

Do you mean LVGL or EdgeLine? For the latter - of course - we will have documentation when v1.0 is out. If you mean LVGL, what was the main pain point? Where did you stuck?

Basically I wanted to simulate my edgline exported files in Code::blocks but it is actually very difficult to even understand what changes to be done from example codes and all

Doesn’t it work if you put the files next to main.c?

If not what errors do you get?

I am unable to #include “filename.h” and #include “filename.c”
it gives compilation errors

You should include only the “h” file.