Demos with another display size e.g. 1024 x 600


I’m using platformIO with LVGL 8.1.0 (merged demos, in src folder) with STM32F746 and stm32duino.

All demos work fine on a 4.3inch 480x272 display.
Now I would like to run it on a larger screen (1024 x 600, 7inch or 10.1inch), where the UI elements don’t have to change in size, but ideally the demo would just be centered.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem quite so simple. If I leave everything as is and don’t change anything, the demo is simply displayed in the upper left corner, and the rest of the content on the display is random. Changing the screenWidth = 1024;
and screenHeight = 600; results in nothing working at all, so no UI element is displayed anymore, all the display has random content (white, black, gray).

What is the correct procedure here? What do I have to consider?

Thank you

Does no one have an approach, a hint?