Data Streaming / Serialization

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Data Streaming / Serialization

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?


What LVGL version are you using?


What do you want to achieve?

I make a GUI and user can change some setting of it, like color and so on. and i have different lv_style’s, now i need to save this lv_style’s or other setting part of lvgl to an external flash or I2C Serial EEPROM such as 24c64 and there needs to access BYTE level of lv_style(for example) to Write/Read—Save/Reload

How can i do it?

and some basic question’s:-------------------------------------------------------------------

  1. is there any c directives/functions to detect lvgl current version in real time and printf it?
  2. for now, my lvgl version is 7.10.0-dev. when i check online documentation latest ver. is v7.10.1-dev
    and release/v7 is v7.10.0 for this i think v7.10.0 is last stable version and i can use it for my project, is it true?

You would need to store the appropriate colors/integers to flash yourself. At the moment there is no functionality provided for serializing/deserializing styles.

Yes; you can use these defines:

That’s correct. release/xxx branches hold stable versions, master/latest is the next version to be released (which should also be stable enough for use), and dev is the bleeding-edge branch.

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Thank you.

Have you consider adding a macro that will construct a string representation of these values? E.g. “7.10.1”. It shouldn’t consume any resources if not used and will help users like me that want to display the LVGL version.

Any reason why you can’t use printf (or equivalent), since this would likely be for debug purposes only?