Custom style for tabview buttons


There is currently no way to edit the style of an individual button in a tabview widget.
In version 8.3 of the LVGL library this was possible.

In the documentation for version 9 there is an example of reassigning a button’s style by calling the lv_tabview_get_tab_bar function, but unfortunately I was never able to get it to function. An example that simply doesn’t work.

Perhaps the developers have not yet gotten to the point of debugging this module and will still be corrected.
I would like to know if there is progress in this direction?

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

ESP32-S3 WROVER 16Mb (WT32-SC01 Plus platform)

What LVGL version are you using?


What do you want to achieve?

Convenient adding/editing of design styles inside the object initialization function.

What have you tried so far?

Added the code described in this forum topic, kindly provided by Sym_lvgl_user1