Creating vertical drag menu


hi i looking to create drag menu. any one done before please let me know how to do it

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

using disco stm32f469I-disco

What do you want to achieve?

vertical drag menu with fixed horizontal length

What have you tried so far?

i had created page that got drag option but when i put buttons on page keep on extend in horizontal direction automatically and button also over lab each other. same code if i use with box draw work fine but i don’t know how to use drag option there.

Code to reproduce

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Screenshot and/or video

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Are you looking to set a fixed width on something like a drop-down list?

I am looking for vertical drag list wizard in this there is only one button in a row. i want more than 1 button in a row with vertical drag option

attached image for refferenceUntitled

Create a page, call lv_page_set_scrl_layout(page, LV_LAYOUT_PRETTY), and then add your options to the page.

If you’d prefer a slightly different layout, there are several different layout options to choose from.