Couldn't find LV_LABEL_TXT_SEL_OFF


I’ve just spent a few minutes frantically searching for definition of LV_LABEL_TXT_SEL_OFF from the description of lv_draw_label(), to find it only in comments.

It took me some time to realize it’s a typo, copied over into headers across several files; the actual symbol being LV_LABEL_TEXT_SEL_OFF. Also, increasing confusion, neither of them is actually used in lv_draw_label()…

I know not a functionality bug, but can this please be fixed?



PS. Could lv_draw_label() description be amended by the description of the hint parameter, too?

I updated it, thank you for pointing it out.

On the drawing level LV_DRAW_LABEL_NO_TXT_SEL is used but in lv_label.h you find this to make it available for higher-level functions: