Could LALEL be display letter other than English?


I want to display letter other than English such as Chinese, France, Spanish,…
when I use lv_label_set_text( obj_label, “日本” )
run, and there is nothing to display!
Maybe there are not these character in my font data.

How can I create the font that contains these letters?
And if my thought is wrong, please support me this issue!


See fonts section in docs. You need to add new font or re-convert already used font with symbols in range wich you want to use.

Yes, check documentation.
You can either include new font into firmware or load runtime.
Just make sure your source code file is in UTF-8, and UTF-8 character codes match your font’s codes.
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Free fonts to download:

To see the codes/glyphs of font (TTF) characters:

Convert TTF to binary font file (where you can set range of codes/glyphs to be exported from TTF to binary file):

Hi @glory-man , @PGNet

Thanks for your reply,
I’ve read your suggest pages and understood a little for creating a new font.
I will try it!