Confirm for the ARGB color model in lvgl


Since I need to convert the binary from frame buffer to bmp, It’s better to understand or confirm the byte order of ARGB color model first.

@ lvgl/src/misc/lv_color.h
typedef union {                                                                    
    struct {                                                                       
        uint8_t blue;                                                              
        uint8_t green;                                                             
        uint8_t red;                                                               
        uint8_t alpha;                                                             
    } ch;                                                                          
    uint32_t full;                                                                 
} lv_color32_t;      

From the source code, it seems the order of RGBA is stored by BBGGRRAA in the little-endian system. So I take this post for confirmation since I have not gotten this from the development documentation so far.