Configuration Pins STM32 with SSD1963

Hi there! I am new to the use of this library, and I am very excited to start it, I loved how it is made.

I want to connect a STM32 Nucleo F746ZG board, it is a Cortex M7 processor, with a display with 800x600px SSD1963 driver, using parallel connection (from I am a little dizzy in the method of configuring the MCU pins for each data. In the configuration definition, is the data port a complete port?


  • Parallel port
    #define LV_DRV_DISP_PAR_CS(val) /par_cs_set(val)/ /Set the Parallel port’s Chip select to ‘val’/
    #define LV_DRV_DISP_PAR_SLOW /par_slow()/ /Set low speed on the parallel port/
    #define LV_DRV_DISP_PAR_FAST /par_fast()/ /Set high speed on the parallel port/
    #define LV_DRV_DISP_PAR_WR_WORD(data) /par_wr(data)/ /Write a word to the parallel port/
    #define LV_DRV_DISP_PAR_WR_ARRAY(adr, n) /par_wr_mem(adr,n)/ /Write ‘n’ bytes to Parallel ports from ‘adr’/

Thank you



In STM32 MCUs usually the FSMC (memory controller) periphery is used as parallel port. The A0 pin (address 0) is used to as register select.

You can learn more here:

Nest time fill the template.

Thank you @kisvegabor , I’m going to try it and keep writing in the forum.