Compile error when using ESP-IDF and lvgl_epsp32_drivers with i2c_manager for touch

ESP32, LVGL 8.3, ESP-IDF, VS-Code insiders.
ILI9488 on SPI, and the touch on I2C

It was working just fine with the LVGL7.0, but then I upgraded to V8.0 more than a month ago, and have yet to get it to work without issues.
I cloned the latest master branch of the lvgl_esp32_drivers into my project, and it now uses I2C manager.
I had issues with the menuconfig, but found a bug in the KConfig and reported as issue in the repo.
I have managed to resolve the bug in the KConfig.

I just cannot figure out why when I include the following line of code


just before I call the rest of the initialization as per the of the repo, it throws a compiler error:

implicit declaration of function 'i2c_manager_locking'; did you mean 'i2c_master_write'? [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]

I cannot find any problems in the header files for the i2c_manager, but admittedly they are very complex, so just not in my ability to find the issue.
Please if anybody can give me some pointers will help a lot!

I still haven’t been able to resolve the memory issue, and we are waiting for psram to ship, but I foresee problems with the ESP32 and DMA allocation for the color conversion buffer in the PSRAM.

Unfortunately the LVGL library is brilliant, but the support for LVGL8.0 and ESP32 and ILI9488 is practically nonexistent, and the guys doing all the hard work are still debating issues around layout and naming of the repo, but not porting the code (still very appreciative of all the individuals that have the knowhow, that I definitely lack). PLEASE … can we catch up support for ESP32 and ESP-IDF as it is seriously lagging and rendering an otherwise fantastic library useless.
The lv_port_esp32 is even further behind and useless if you are using LVGL8.0.