Compilation error pc_simulator_win_codeblocks v7

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?


What do you want to achieve?

get the simulator working

What have you tried so far?

1-download all files from
2- open LittlevGL.cbp in CodeBlocks.

I try to make the simulator work but I receive errors during compilation

Screenshot and/or video

It turns out that I didn’t completely finish upgrading the CodeBlocks project. That’s why you’re having difficulties getting it running.

I’ll update it very soon when I get some time to work on LVGL.

Thank you for your answer,however can you orient me to another simulator on windows to work with the latest version ?
working with eclipse is it idea?
please answer me so that I can realize my project.

You can try the Visual Studio project, if you have that installed. I believe it’s already been updated.

i will install it … thanks.

LVGL the best :ok_hand:

I’ve just updated the CodeBlocks project to the latest master versions of all the submodules. Pulling the master branch of that project will now give you LVGL 7.4-dev.

thank you so much
Good luck ^^