Chip Interface - 16 bit parallel ( 8080 ) Interface Code

This questions has been asked on this forum before however that comment is now buried & wasn’t resolved thus reposting.

Hardware in Use:

  1. Arduino Due (32 bit uC)
  2. 2.95" Display with ST7796S Controller which supports 8080 interface (8/16 bit)

I’ve gone through the Chip setup video classes on LVGL website and they primarily talk about SPI Interfaces however as I understand the LVGL library is hardware agnostic and user is required to write IC driver for their hardware. So my question is :

  1. Has anyone has successfully written driver for 8080 parallel Interface.
  2. What will be a good starting point to start writing my own code. I 've downloaded LVGL v7 Library and its incredibly well structured. The driver part is however above my head at this point. If someone can share some general explanation, links to website/books explaining this, that will be helpful.