Check it out, someone finally made one that is low cost


Someone has finally made a low cost rotary encoder with an integrated touch display. And the bonus is it looks good too. All of the ones I have seen either don’t support touch or are crazy expensive (250USD+) or they are just plain ol ugly.

Uses an ESP32-S3 with 8mb SPIRAM and 16mb SPIFLASH

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Hello kdschlosser,
you helped me with the 5 inch display from elecrow, but I cannot say thank you in the old thread because of post limit.
Your code works fine. I switched from thonny to visual studio code pymakr with success.

You said something about “incredibly slow way of rendering to the display”. How can I improve this?
How can I let lvgl do the job instead of that large buffer?

On the other hand, I want to use squareline with C++ code in visual studio code, but here I also need to do some work.

Greetings from Germany.