Chart's crowded_mode select manually, hide points manually

I found that chart widget auto draw lines in two modes:

  1. if points number is larger than width, it enable crowded_mode, hide points
  2. if not, it will draw lines and show points on it

now I need to show 200 points in a chart which is 180 pixel width, so it enable crowded_mode, like this, very ugly…

then I editor source code of lv_chart.c

  1. disable crowded_mode, it will always be false
  2. delete draw point codes

shows like this:


looks much better

so, I need to disable crowded_mode and hide all points, is it possible to add an interface to configure this function?

It’s not possible now. In LVGL v9, I’m thinking about a good way to handle it. Until then, I suggest just editing lv_chart.c to disable the croweded mode manually.