Chart - point drawn is one pixel off in y-axis direction, horz lines extend beyond border


Using chart to log temperature from sensor, hourly for 24 hours. I have set up the x-axis with 25 tick marks which represent 0-23hrs and a 24hr that is not used. I have set up the y-axis for temperature with a range of 60F-80F.

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

M5Stack; esp32

What do you experience?

  1. When I place a temperature point on the chart for a particular hourly time the point drawn is off by -1px in the y-axis. The x-axis direction is fine.
  2. I believe I have configured the y-axis properly and to have 4px between tick marks. But for some reason the number of pixels between 60F and next minor tick mark is 5 pixels. All the other spacing between the rest of the y-axis tick marks is 4px. I adjusted the size of the chart in the height by +/-1 pixel to see if that would make difference and it did not. Maybe that is why the point is off by -1px.
  3. The horizontal division lines extend beyond the chart border by 1px on the right side.

What do you expect?

  1. The point to be drawn at the exact position in the y-axis.
  2. Have 4px between all tick marks
  3. Horizontal division lines that do not extend beyond chart border on the right side.

Code to reproduce

I am using C++, the first class function creates the chart in a container. The second function I just put in a constant temperature value and hour value so I could draw a point on the chart. The point should be drawn exactly where the horizontal division line of 75F and the vertical line of 4a intersect. I have tested other values with the exact same problem.

// Create the content pane for this view
    void ContentPane003::create(int width, int height)
        Log::info(TAG, "Creating ContentPane003");

        // create style for the content container
        lv_style_copy(&content_container_style, &lv_style_plain);
        content_container_style.body.main_color = lv_color_hex3(0xaaa);
        content_container_style.body.grad_color = lv_color_hex3(0xaaa);

        // create style for temperature chart
        lv_style_copy(&temperature_chart_style, &lv_style_plain);
        temperature_chart_style.text.font = &lv_font_roboto_12;
        temperature_chart_style.text.color = lv_color_hex3(0x606);
        temperature_chart_style.body.border.width = 2;  
        temperature_chart_style.line.width = 1;

        // create a content container
        content_container = lv_cont_create(lv_scr_act(), NULL);
        lv_obj_set_size(content_container, width, height);
        lv_obj_align(content_container, NULL, LV_ALIGN_CENTER, 0, 0);
        lv_cont_set_style(content_container, LV_CONT_STYLE_MAIN, &content_container_style);
        lv_obj_set_hidden(content_container, true);

        // create the temperature chart
        temperature_chart = lv_chart_create(content_container, NULL);
        lv_chart_set_style(temperature_chart, LV_CHART_STYLE_MAIN, &temperature_chart_style);

        // create a margin for text labels
        lv_chart_set_margin(temperature_chart, 42);

        // The x-axis of 219 = 2*2px (border) + 23*1px (23 inside tick marks) + 24*8px (24 spaces between tick marks, space = 8px)
        // The y-axis of 103 = 2*2px (border) + 19*1px (19 inside tick marks) + 20*4px (20 spaces between tick marks, space = 4px)
        lv_obj_set_size(temperature_chart, 219, 102);

        // Offset chart to fit content pane better
        lv_obj_align(temperature_chart, NULL, LV_ALIGN_CENTER, 20, -10);

        // Show lines and points
        lv_chart_set_type(temperature_chart, LV_CHART_TYPE_POINT | LV_CHART_TYPE_LINE);

        // The opacity of the chart
        lv_chart_set_series_opa(temperature_chart, LV_OPA_70);

        // The chart will use update mode circular                      
        lv_chart_set_update_mode(temperature_chart, LV_CHART_UPDATE_MODE_CIRCULAR);

        // The line width is 2px and point radius is 2px - has no effect if temperature_chart_style has style.line.width = 1
        lv_chart_set_series_width(temperature_chart, 2); 

        // The 3 horizontal division lines will line up with 65F, 70F, 75F and 80F.  
        // The 5 vertical divsion lines will line up with 4a, 8a, 12p, 4p, 8p.
        lv_chart_set_div_line_count(temperature_chart, 3, 5);

        // So the x-axis has an equal number of minor tick marks between major tick marks we set the point count to 25.
        // The points we will be updating will be from 0-23 (hours of the 24 hour clock) so we will never have a point
        // displayed a x-axis position 25.  In the labeling of the x-axis the 25th point is labeled "hr".
        lv_chart_set_point_count(temperature_chart, 25);

        // The y-axis range
        lv_chart_set_range(temperature_chart, 60, 80);
        temperature_ser = lv_chart_add_series(temperature_chart, lv_color_hex3(0xC00));

        // The count of 4 will actually place 3 minor tick marks between two major tick marks
        lv_chart_set_x_tick_texts(temperature_chart, TICKS_X_AXIS, 4, LV_CHART_AXIS_DRAW_LAST_TICK);

        // The count of 5 will actually place 4 minor tick marks between two major tick marks
        lv_chart_set_y_tick_texts(temperature_chart, TICKS_Y_AXIS, 5, LV_CHART_AXIS_DRAW_LAST_TICK | LV_CHART_AXIS_INVERSE_LABELS_ORDER);

 // Update the chart
    void ContentPane003::update_chart()
        int temp = 75;
        int current_hour = 4;

        temperature_ser->points[static_cast<lv_coord_t>(current_hour)] = temp;

Screenshot and/or video

Hourly Log 02 - shows point drawn is below horizontal line and vertical line is good. If you look close you can see the horizontal lines extend beyond the border on the right side.


Thank you for the clear and informative report!

I’ve fixed the point misalignment and division lines’s extra pixel in the master branch.

To fix the uneven y ticks just set the chat’s height to 101. I haven’t calculated why this value works but it should be because with height=102 and the given number of thick lines it’s not possible to divide the space equally.

I have updated to use master branch.

$ git describe --always

Still the same problem - I didn’t see any reference to changing chart in commit 2c8ebb8

Sorry, my bad, it should be there now.

I had to reduce width and height to get the chart to draw the point in the correct position. If I did not change the width the point was correct at 4a and 12p but shifted the the right by 1px at 8a, 4p, 8p. The y-axis was OK with your fix. With the width reduced by 2px the point was correct 4a,8a,12p,4p and 8p. Strange but happy with results.

// The x-axis of 219 = 2*2px (border) + 23*1px (23 inside tick marks) + 24*8px (24 spaces between tick marks, space = 8px)      
// The y-axis of 103 = 2*2px (border) + 19*1px (19 inside tick marks) + 20*4px (20 spaces between tick marks, space = 4px)
// Even though size calculates out to be width=219 and height=103 need to set size to 217,101 else points are off by 1px
lv_obj_set_size(temperature_chart, 217, 101);

You can check as solution.

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