Changing the color of the active tab of tabview

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when the active tab is selected the blue part appears on the active tab.
I show the blue part in the bottom image.
1- how can change the color?
2- how can remove it?

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The trick is to pass lv.PARTS.ITEMS and lv.STATE.CHECKED to tabview.set_style_....() function.
You can call any .set_style_...() function of the tabview object with those 2 “selectors”, and style will be applied to them.
Example (MicroPython):
tab_btns.set_style_bg_color(lv.color_white(), lv.PART.ITEMS | lv.STATE.CHECKED)

In that you are correct, that the LV_PART_ITEMS selector is missing from the lv_tabview documentation, but the tab buttons is a lv_btnmatrix, which has this selector, so we indirectly refer to buttons as “items”.

The example (from LVGL docs) contains the lv.PART.ITEMS and lv.STATE.CHECKED selectors also:

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Excuse me, I am a beginner. Thanks for your help.
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