Changing opacity/color of the button when in disabled state

Hello everyone!

I am using GuiGuider 1.6.1. I can’t seem to control the color of the button when it is in disabled state. I tried manipulating the opacity using the function lv_obj_set_style_border_opa and setting it there to max value of 255, but it is still greyed out (however if I set it to 0, the border is not visible so its confusing to me how one setting passes through and the other doesn’t).

What I wish to achieve is to disable the button so that it looks the same as if it was in normal state, but of course there is no function when clicked.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Example from squareline. I dont use guiguider , but i mean same styles for state need define or remove all styles for state disabled…

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Thanks a lot Marian, this helped me. I removed all styles and added the ones I needed only.