Change to different page on button press

This is my first on this forum and i am very new LVGL.I am using the simulator currently and demo_printer. I am trying to change the page to another. I don’t want to show the animation. So how can i achieve the same.

LV_EVENT_CB_DECLARE(copy_open_icon_event_cb) {
    if (e == LV_EVENT_CLICKED) {

        scan_btn_txt = "NEXT";
        lv_demo_printer_anim_out_all(lv_scr_act(), 0);
        uint32_t delay = 200;
        lv_demo_printer_anim_bg(150, LV_DEMO_PRINTER_BLUE, LV_DEMO_PRINTER_BG_FULL);

        lv_obj_t * arc = add_loader(scan_anim_ready);
        lv_obj_align(arc, NULL, LV_ALIGN_CENTER, 0, -40);

        lv_obj_t * txt = lv_label_create(lv_scr_act(), NULL);
        lv_label_set_text(txt, "Scanning, please wait...");
        lv_theme_apply(txt, (lv_theme_style_t)LV_DEMO_PRINTER_THEME_LABEL_WHITE);
        lv_obj_align(txt, arc, LV_ALIGN_OUT_BOTTOM_MID, 0, 60);

        lv_demo_printer_anim_in(arc, delay);
        delay += LV_DEMO_PRINTER_ANIM_DELAY;
        lv_demo_printer_anim_in(txt, delay);
    icon_generic_event_cb(obj, e);


TFT used : NA

Display Controller : NA

Just a few questions. I’m also quite new as well so I will try to help.

What simulator are you using ?
By screens what do you mean ?
Are you using a tabview, creating individual tabs or are you using another type of object(for example windows , containers) ?
Have you got the demos running on the simulator ?

yes, i got simulator working on codeblocks.
Screen means i want to change the page.
As i mentioned i am using printer demo example and i want change the page without loading animation when i am clicking on icon “Copy”. attached is the screenshot.