Change spinner thickness in micropython

I would like to change thickness of the spinner (exactly like in this thread) but I couldn’t find out how to replicate:

in micropython.
Thanks for help!

Here is an example using the online simulator.

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Thanks! It would take me a lot of time until I would find it out.

BTW. is there any micropython-specific lvgl documentation? I am beginner to lvgl in general, I have chosen micropython binding because I think it is much cleaner for UI, but in many cases I find myself in situation when C routine is clear for me, but I am struggling with reproducing it in micropython.

I don’t think there’s a lot of MicroPython-specific documentation, however, most (if not all) of the examples in the documentation have a MicroPython version. Because the MicroPython binding is autogenerated from the C one, translating between them is mostly a matter of changing the syntax. The actual API calls are nearly identical.