Capture off screen touch button events

I’m using the M5Stack Core2 for AWS, which has a 320x240 pixel screen with a FT6336U touch controller. There are 3 etched circles on the front of the device that go beyond the dimensions of the display itself which can be read by the touch controller. I’ve seen the LVGL ESP32 drivers, which has a default option to support the hardware. I can see the touch inputs (printed X-Y coordinates) from ft6x36_read() for the button area.

I have tried creating 3 button widgets that are positioned in the off-screen areas where the etched circles are, however, I don’t see the button event getting triggered. Is there a relatively simple way this can work that I haven’t been able to dig up?

I submitted a PR a little bit after posting this question since it didn’t look like this was feasible. This problem is unique to the M5Stack Core2 and Core2 for AWS IoT EduKit. Hopefully the PR gets merged so the repository could be submoduled from upstream instead of a fork: