Canvas support drawing path

I want to draw some special patterns using LVGL.
Such as oval, leaf, corner-rounded star or something else.
Maybe a path is needed to accomplish this, which supports:

  • start (lv_point_t p)
  • line_to (lv_point_t p)
  • arc_to (lv_point_t p)
  • bezier2_to (lv_point_t p1, lv_point_t p2)
  • close ()

And the canvas supports drawing path, like:

  • lv_canvas_draw_path(lv_path_t p, bool filled)

Is there any plans about this?
Thank you

It’s on the roadmap to have an SVG API. Once we will have it the canvas will be extended for sure too.

Are you planning to implement zooming functionality for vector graphics?

Answered on GitHub.